Electional Reading

Electional astrology can be used to find the best moment in time to begin an activity.

This can be for example:

  •  When is the ideal time to undergo surgery?

  •  When should I start my business?

  •  When should I change careers?

  •  When should I get married?

  •  When should I move house?

The information that must be given to the astrologer to make it possible for him to predict the ideal moment for the start of the new activity consists of:

  • The location where the activity will take place
  • The days (e.g. Monday – Friday, etc.) and hours (e.g. 9 am – 5pm, etc.) available
  • The time span available (e.g. in the next two weeks, next month, in a year, etc.)

It is not essential, but helpful to provide the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the client and if necessary any other person involved (e.g. data of partner in marriage election).

To get more detailed information, interested readers may contact me via the CONTACT PAGE or send an email to Peter@stars-and-stones.co.uk


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