Ramesey – A Table of Elections according to the Aspects of the Moon to the other six Planets

The following table of elections according to the aspects of the Moon to the other six Planets is a transcript from William Ramesey’s Astrologia Restaurata, published in London, 1653.

The Use of the TABLE

You see here in the first column Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury; and in the five other columns several matters; over the first also yow see conjunction, over the next sextile, over the third square; and upon the fourth trine, and over the head of the last opposition, which intimates no more then this, viz. That they are the Moons aspects to the aforenamed Planets; As in the first column you have these words, An unfortunate day, take no Journey &c. in the same line and on the left hand yow have Saturn placed, and over the head of these words conjunction, shewing that the Moon in conjunction with Saturn, is an unfortunate day to begin any business, or to go a journey, &c. In the next column, and over against Saturn you see these words, Converse with old men and husbandmen, &c. and over the head thereof sextile, intimating that the Moon in sextile with Saturn is good for such business; and so understand of the rest of the columns and aspects over against Saturn; and know also that those aspects on the head serve for all the other Planets; and what you finde written over against any Planet, appertains tot the signification of that Planet; as for example, in the third column and over against Jupiter, you see this written, Apply thy study to Philosophy, and over the head thereof square; so that when the Moon is in a square of Jupiter, it is good to apply ones study that way; and so you may (following this rule) understand all the rest.


4 thoughts on “Ramesey – A Table of Elections according to the Aspects of the Moon to the other six Planets

  1. Thank you so much, Peter. This printed page is filed in my ‘need it now’ folder.
    These are things we know, but getting the book out for mental refreshment adds to the time needed to answer the question. How did you know we needed just this tool ??!!
    Sue Miller

  2. Hello Peter and thank yoou soo much for the info.
    I have Ramesey’s book – Astrologia Restaurata – Astrology Restored (1613)
    its facimile, its for sale, since I have a difficult time reading the old english stye1
    Thank you again for the tip.

  3. Thanks for this, a lot easier to read than the copy that I made by screen capture! Do you have any clue why he doesn’t like moon in leo for putting on new clothes? (moon trine venus?). I can see that with the moon there, Venus could either be in Aries (poor dignity) or Sagittarius (where, at best it would have term dignity). Perhaps because the moon is square Taurus?

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