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Peter Stockinger was born in Austria in 1964, and studied at the National Horticultural school in Vienna. As a young man he became interested in Astrology and soon began his Astrological Studies in Vienna where he trained as a Cosmobiologist and Modern Astrologer with Philip Schiffmann.

On marrying an Englishwoman and moving to Great Britain in 1998, he continued his astrological studies and Consultancy  work. He has now been practicing  the Art of Astrology for over 35 years. 

When he began studying the works of the English Master astrologers of the Renaissance and the 17th century, he soon realised that these were holding the key to a more precise form of astrology, with a strong emphasis on dealing with concrete everyday life questions.

Peter decided to concentrate purely on traditional natal, electional and horary astrology and specialised in working with gemstones. He is particularly interested  in the history of astrology and the reintegration of astrology in the  magical arts. At the moment he is working on his fourth book about the Lunar Mansions.

He is also a Master Astrologer with the Society of Astrologers; dedicated to the revival, study and practice of the authentic philosophy, astrology and astrological techniques of medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Europe.

Peter has published three books, and has also written numerous articles for the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, the Tradition Journal, Infinity Astrological Magazine, and several astrological web logs. He is also an Editorial Board member of the ANS (Astrology News Service).

Peter continues his work as a Traditional astrological Consultant.


Thank you very much for taking your time and doing this reading. It is super helpful and clear, and I will let you know if I have any follow up questions. (J. USA)

The Predictions Reading is incredibly helpful and you explained things very well – thank you. I’ve never received such a detailed predictive reading … (K.G. USA)

I must indeed COMMEND you on the clear and wonderful work. I am  very very lucky that I found you and I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul.(N.B. USA)

Overall I found the forecast to be useful, clear, and interesting. I appreciate your services and I would recommend you to others. (T.C. USA)

Thank you so much for the thorough explanation. As always, a positive experience. I will certainly continue to be a repeat customer. (M.M. USA)

Thank you for my annual prediction! Peter is an amazing astrologer with a profound understanding of his subject and its history. (J. W. UK)

Thank you for this reading. Its extremely helpful guidance as I navigate my way through this. … Knowledge is power so to speak and this will help me make informed knowledgeable decisions. … I will surely be a return customer. … (M. B.)

THANK YOU Peter! You have no idea how relieved we are. Can’t thank you enough. Wish I found you when my other cat went missing in October. (G, Dubai)

Peter has given both my husband and I excellent natal readings, as well as a remarkably accurate Solar Revolutions reading. He also graciously calculated the name of my Natal Genius, … (B.M. Netherlands)

“I must say I first ventured into this with an enthusiastic but somewhat sceptical view of astrology. But upon receiving and reading this I was quite blown away! Everything seem to match … (O. M. Sweden)

“I have to say your Horary Analysis was spot on.  Everything you said has come to pass…”

” … astrology has been so helpful in assisting me in navigating certain difficult situations and I am very appreciative of your ability to so succinctly walk me through these times.” (M. M. USA)

“I must report to you, that my annual prediction have been so right in most themes….” (D. S. USA)

  “I just wanted to get back to you to let you know that your annual prediction has been accurate and useful so far.” (C.B. Amsterdam)

“I am overwhelemed with the accuracy; I could not have imagined that your answers would be so detailed and spot on.”(A. G. Riverside, CA)

“Thank you for this reading. I found it very useful and precise. This is very much what I was looking for.” (B. B. Netherlands)

“Also just to tell you, your methods are very accurate, some of what you wrote was like looking in the mirror objectively about self…we need to be reminded of the authentic self to keep is on our path. Wonderful tool. I can feel you have great love of what you do, amazing things can work through you in that state of being.” (B. C. USA)

   “The whole work you did was extremley accurate,… “ (C. C. Shetland Islands, UK)

   “I got the annual prediction, thank you very much.  The report is very insightful, and somehow it confirms some of my fears … . As a note, I find this fascinating and enlightening, I wish I knew about astrology before and perhaps I could have managed my life in a better way, but no need to cry over the spilled milk.” (S. D. Peru)

   “For starters, again and again, thank you;  I am sure that deep within you know that you have “bathed” me with rays of hope in most departments of my life” (N. B. Panama)

   “Thank you so much. Once more, this is superb!” (J. W. Suffolk, UK)

   “This is extremely helpful insight for me and extremely accurate I must tell you. The very issues facing in my life, unfulfilled relationships because of spirituality differences or lack of not only inpersonal relationships, ( failed marriages) but with friendships, this really gives insight on the big picture, one of which I knew but needed some deeper guidance and understanding about the influences.” (B. C. Pennsylvania, USA)

   “That is a masterful horary reading, Peter.” (J. A. Australia)

   “Its such a wonder that there are still people like you who put humanity and professionalism before any other consideration.” (A. A. USA)

   “The Horary charts have been spot on.” (S. A. USA)

  “Thank you very much for my chart it was very informative and right on the money in many respects very clear and concise.” (C.B. London, UK)


15 thoughts on “Contact Page/About Peter/Testimonials

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for creating this weblink, I discovered recently. About the aspectarian, are the times listed in Universal Time? I am in the United States, on the West Coast, so can i expect the times listed are + 8 hours ahead?
    Thank you.

  2. I joined your blog this morning and quite fascinated by the volume of info here. Just wondering, can you make me a Talisman of the 3rd & 16th mansion of the Moon?

  3. Saw you on twitter initially. I’m interested in traditional astrology, more scientific than the modern form comprised of personality traits. Can you recommend a beginners book? Thanks.

  4. Hi Peter, I recently was introduced to your website through Twitter. And now I am following you on Twitter (@Twittiliciosy). I read your horary section. Now what If someone really wants a job, or pass an exam is there something you can offer to achieve that outcome? Actually I have a GMAT exam on July 28th and I have been studying since May. I am really bad at taking these exams and I really need to get into the College of William & Mary for MBA program. So I was wondering if you could suggest something?

    • Thank you for following me on twitter and hello! I hope you will find my traditional astrology pages of interest.

      To answer your question, there is nothing you can doastrologically, as the date of your exam is already fixed. If you had a choice of available dates, astrology could help you to determine the best possible date (electional astrology). A horary reading can only tell you what the likely outcome of your exam will be.
      On July, 28th Mercury is moving into Virgo. This means that it will be a good time for everything to do with thinking, studying and exams. I would say that it is a pretty good time to have an exam. I wish you all the best with your exam and, hoping that the strong Mercury will help a bit 🙂

  5. Hi Peter- I just stumbled upon your website when searching for information about the eclipses. And it just so happens I’ve decided that I’m leaning in more traditional directions than my prior astrological education provided. I look forward to reading more of your website.

    I’m currently reading Lilly’s CA for the first time. It’s certainly a mind-shift from where I was. And like you I think it will only enhance the results.

    Miami, FL

  6. Hello… Very nice site you have and info. Was researching info. on Venus Transit Sun and although I’ve been doing this a while I just realized that my ASC/15 Gemini! From what I can read on this from here, it seems it will be EXTRA challenging, oh JOY! The other planets I have (within -/+3 degree) are Venus 16*/4H, Mars 13*/4H, Sun 17*/3H, Uranus 16*/3H. Although it contacts the other planets here, I don’t know if it’s square’s/trine’s/oppositions? Any encouraging news would be nice… this seems to be VERY powerful since it’s exact on my Ascendent. Thank you!

  7. Hi Peter,
    I live on the Wirral not far from North Wales do you ever run any astrology groups? I have studied astrology for a long time but until recently only on the modern psychological type. Recently read John Frawleys books and CA which really resonated with me. Are there any other authors dealing with delineating the Natal chart from a Traditional Perspective? I’m a bit confused with the different ways of working out temperament!

    Great site Peter,

    Blessings Steve

    • Hi Steve,
      Sadly there has never been enough demand here to justify the work that is involved in running a group. As for your question about natal chart delineation, I would go and buy Helena Avelar & Luis Ribeiro’s “On the Heavenly Spheres” which will give you a lot of information. You can find the details and a review on my blog under “Reviews”. Luis has done detailed work on temperament, which is reflected in the book.

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