Ramesey’s 28 Mansions of the Moon

In 1653 William Ramesey published his Astrologia Restaurata; or Astrology Restored, being an Introduction to the General and Chief Part of the Language of the Stars. Therein is to be found small chapter on the 28 Mansions of the Moon, including a table. The following is a transcript of the introductory chapter and the table, comprising the 28 Mansions. It is of interest to compare this to the table found in Planetenbuch Straubing, 1596, which can be found here:https://starsandstones.wordpress.com/mansions-of-the-moon/mansions-of-the-moon-planeten-buch-straubing-1596/ 


The Use of the Table

In the first Column, you have the number of the Mansions of the Moon, and on the head thereof this word Mansions : In the second Column you have the Signs Characters, and over the head thereof Sig. intimating signs : you see first Aries, and Taurus, Taurus, Taurus, over against Aries, on the left-hand Column you see the Figure 1. over  against the first Taurus, the figure 2. and the figure 3. against the second Taurus, 4. against the third Taurus, all which speaks no more then thus, that the first Mansion of the Moon is in Aries; the second, third and fourth in Taurus, &c. In the third Column over against the figure 1. and Aries, you find 20. 6 and over the head D. M. signifying degrees and minutes, which shews that the first Mansion of the Moon begins at the 20th degree and 6th minute of Aries, and dens at the second degree, and 57th minute of Taurus, at which beginneth the second Mansion, and so understand all of the rest; As for the Qualities of every Mansion in the next Column in the same line, with each Mansion you have its quality or nature, over the head of which Column you have this word Qualities : As for example, over against Aries, you see Temperate, intimating the first Mansion to be so qualified; and over against the figure 2. being the second Mansion, you have dry, and so observe of all the rest; this being understood, you may also (over against each Mansion in the fifth and last Column) finde the several elections which are then to be enterprised; as over against the first Mansion, you have these words in the same Line, Take thy Journey and Physick, laxative : and aover against the second Mansion, Take thy journey by water, buy Cattel, plant, &c. And thus by the same way you find the several Elections for every particular Mansion, as you see over the head of them written Elections. And thus much shall suffice for the Explanation of this Table, and the scope of this Chapter : let us therefore now proceed; yet if thou dost but well understand and apprehend what hath been already said, thou hast sufficient to lead thee through the whole Art of Elections without any more words.

Mansion Sign D  M Qualities Elections
1 Aries 20.6 Temperate Take thy Journey and Physick Laxative.
2 Taurus 2. 57 Dry Take thy Journey by water, buy Cattel, plant.
3 Taurus 15. 49 Moist Chaffer, or buy and sell, but goe not by Sea.
4 Taurus 28. 40 Moist and cold. More cold Plant and sowe, marry not, nor journey by water.
5 Gemini 11. 32 Dry Use Merchandise, Voyage; joyn Wedlock, and take Physick.
6 Gemini 24. 23 Temperate War, sowe not, nor take in hand any good.
7 Cancer 7. 5 Moist Plough, Sowe, Travell not either by Sea or Land.
8 Cancer 20. 6 Cloudy and tempestuous Journey, and take Physick.
9 Leo 5. 57 Dry Navigate
10 Leo 15. 49 Moist Plant, Build, Marry, but make no voyage.
11 Leo 28. 40 Temperate and cold Sowe, Plant, Deliver prisoners, but take no purgation.
12 Virgo 11. 31 Moist Plant, Marry, but Navigate not.
13 Virgo 24. 23 Temperate Journey, Navigate, Sowe, Plough, Marry, and send messengers.
14 Libra 7. 15 Temperate Sowe, Plant, take Physick, neither travel nor marry.
15 Libra 20. 6 Moist Delve and Dig, but neither marry nor travel.
16 Scorpio 2. 57 Cold and moist Unfortunate for anything.
17 Scorpio 15. 49 Moist Buy cattel, but Navigate not.
18 Scorpio 28. 40 Dry Build, Sowe, Plant, Navigate, but Wed not.
19 Sagittarius 11. 32 Moist War, Plant, Sowe, and Voyage.
20 Sagittarius 24.23 Temperate Buy cattel, use hunting, but wed not
21 Capricorn 7. 25 Temperate Build, Repair to a Magistrate for favour, but marry not.
22 Capricorn 20. 6 Moist Take Physick, Navigate and put on new apparel.
23 Aquarius 2. 56 Temperate Take Physick, Voyage, but neither Marry nor lend.
24 Aquarius 25. 49 Temperate Lead an Army, Marry, Sowe, take Physick.
25 Aquarius 28. 40 Dry Build, Marry, seek friendship, take thy journey.
26 Pisces 11.32 Dry It is in all things unfortunate, save in taking of Physick.
27 Pisces 24.23 Moist Plant, Sowe, Chaffer, Marry, but Navigate not.
28 Aries 24.15 Temperate

Use Merchandise, Marry, take Physick, but lend not, neither enterprise any voyage.


3 thoughts on “Ramesey’s 28 Mansions of the Moon

  1. Peter:
    The missing word under Qualities for mansion 8 is ‘tempestuous’. See Robson’s book on the fixed stars.

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