In a tenth century song, the Saltair Na Rann, we can find these lines:

For each day five items of knowledge

Are required for every understanding person –

From everyone, without appearance of boasting,

who is in holy orders.

The day of the solar month; the age of the Moon;

The state of the sea-tide, without error;

The day of the week; the calendar of the feasts of the perfect saints

In just clarity with their variations.

Since these lines were written, the power of the moon has been neglected, yes nearly forgotten. Calendars based on the 12 solar months, being the expression of a linear/masculine world in a materialistically orientated society, left no room for the cyclical, emotional patterns of the moon.

Fortunately Vicky McDonald Leppek and Gail Sand from have designed an antidote to the solar calendar, the Lunaria.

This beautiful calendar utilizes the thirteen lunar months of the calendar year, each beginning with a new moon. Interesting for the astrologically inclined reader is the information given for each day. The daily visual moon phase and the zodiac sign are observed. Furthermore one can find a moon ephemeris and daily aspects between the moon and the other planets. Rising- and setting times as well as eclipses are included in the plethora of information. The Lunaria also includes the traditional and earth holidays and gardening and fishing guides. A user’s guide included in the Lunaria makes it easy for the first time user to understand the symbology.

But it is not only the lunar approach or the detailed information that makes this calendar special. Each month offers the depiction of a stunning piece of artwork from the Romantic era and some poetry related to the subject. For anybody who is interested in the patterns of the moon, has an astrological interest, or just appreciates a beautifully created calendar, the Lunaria can be highly recommended as a reliable source of information and a stunning piece of art.


6 thoughts on “Lunaria

  1. Can you possibly tell me why we can’t seem to find this calander, which I love? It lists on Amazon for $999.00. Friday press is not accessible either.

    Thanks! Cheryl

  2. I am not able to locate the 2013 Lunaria calendar!!- It’s designed time wise for Rocky Mountain standard time. Did you find out what is going on yet? – please advise. The Friday Press people are impossible to reach.

  3. On Monday (18 Nov), I saw the Lunaria 2014 calendar for sale at a NYC Barnes & Noble. I may buy a copy because I want to incorporate the lunar cycle more into my day-to-day.

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