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  1. Great facelift Peter!

    The Home Page and nav bars at the top make everything much more accessible.

    Much better!

  2. Merlene Shedlock says:

    Nice page, can smell the leather bound books from ‘ere

  3. Just been having a look round the new design – most impressive. I love the mix between Arabic and Western, ancient and modern and, like Merlene, – I can smell those old leather books!

    • Thank you, Mike;
      your positive comments are much appreciated :)

      You are spot on in your observation. Although the main theme of this web log is rooted in traditional Western Predictive Astrology and its useful interpretation for our times, the chosen theme should be understood as a hommage to medieval Arab astrology. After all it was the transmission of their knowledge that enabled astrology to flourish in Europe.

      • Peter says:

        Well ,yes but only partly. It was the Babylonians really who taught the Egyptians, then the Persians, and then the Greeks and Europeans.
        The Babylonians are the RADIX.

  4. I recently published a handbook about astrology for practical laboratory alchemists. I would love to converse on the subject.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Excellent post. The eclipse will fall on my natal north node, so I’m off to check my aspects.

  6. Lafayette says:

    Peter, William Lily, frequently quoted by you, astonishes me so much, I cannot recover from this ‘amazement’ ! Now I read your page about next novembers eclipse…what does Sag. rising mean? I’m a Sag. from 12/12/1959, and follow you on Twitter as @fogodoeon.

    • Thank you and I am glad you find it of interest.
      To answer your question, Sagittarius, or any other sign, rising means that this sign was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. In mundane charts it indicates the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment the event looked at occurs. If you are born on December 12th it means that your Sun is in Sagittarius but to know your rising sign we would have to know your TIME of birth to eastablish this.

  7. Albert says:

    nice page…thanx for sharing…

  8. Aries Woman says:

    Love the leather cover on the “Christian Astrology” by Lilly. Have never seen it available in leather (at least in the US). Would love to get my hand on it… any suggestions on where I might be able to find it? Thanks!

  9. Aries Woman says:

    Thanks for reply and information… I did look at amazon, but not hard enough. OUCH on the price though! I am going to try an hunt down and find a bargin price on one.

  10. fiorella says:

    You do a very good job! Congratulations!

  11. Lafayette says:

    Dr. Stockinger finnaly I understood that the sign rising, is the ascendant, right?
    I have Capricorn rising over my Sagittarianism, which I hope will giver methods and hope, to Sagittarians need to break fences and explore the wild.

  12. Lafayette says:

    A difficult combination anyhow, they seem to me, Capricorn and Sags, just
    the opposite of one another.

  13. Sigi Keller says:

    Peter congrat, for your casting a chart in mid-sommer that Barack Obama will be elected for second term , you were right on, even saying it will be a tight race, but He will be the Winner. Even on some lists the “Other Side” hoping that some votes are still outstanding and “things” could change!lol lol) the 60 millions , or whatever the number was still dont get it in their head, Obama IS THE WINNER!!
    especially CNBC TV Station, which lambasted him till the end and the Donald Trump is out of his mind, ( as he is always ) he cant get it in his head(perhaps he should change his haird lolo) that Obama is second term 111
    You are just too cool!!! Peter
    I loved the dialogs on diff. lists the” for” Obama and the” NO” Obama it reflected in discussions, it is difficult to be neutral it was such a tight race!!!
    warm regards
    Sigi .

  14. “Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog A Blog on Traditional Astrology and Astral Magic” seriously got myself hooked on your page! I reallywill be returning considerably more normally. Thanks a lot -Poppy

  15. Noah says:

    This new face of this blog is really nice, I like it very much.

  16. This looks so detailed and intricate! Love all the small illustrations and the style. Looks amazing!

  17. phoenix says:

    Did you get my email about the Harvard Article on ‘the so called royal stars’ if not here it is… http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1945PA…..53..149D

  18. horoscope says:

    Hi, I was wondering, can we use astrology to change our futures or is the future already set in stone and we just have to cope? Can we actually change our futures through what we learn or just have to cope with the set in stone future in store for us?

    • You are touching on one of the main problems astrology has been faced with for at least the last 500 years. Without wanting to go into too much detail, we can follow the motto of the great 17th century astrologer William Lilly. He had written ‘Non cogunt’ underneath his portrait, displayed in his textbook Christian Astrology, and his Angelicus Merlin almanacs. The meaning of this is, of course, that “the stars incline, they do not compel.”

      There are certainly fated events occurring in a person’s live, which are unchangeable; death is only one of them. But then, on the other hand, it seems that we have free will to make many other important decisions. One of them may be to consult an astrologer to ask a horary question before we decide how to proceed.
      Predictive astrology would be pretty useless and would certainly have died out long ago if the client could not listen to the findings of the astrologer and make up his mind, accordingly. In this way he can definitely change his future!

  19. Sufi miya says:

    Nice Blog. i like it very much.

  20. Thanks For Giving a useful articles on astrology usually we are not behavior with astrology but from these kinds of articles we gain some thing new in astrology. i like to read astrology articles so please keep posting.I Know Astrologer in jaipur also please provide more astrology articles

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