Horary Reading

An astrological horary reading enables the querent to find answers to important questions quickly.

No information about the personal details (date of birth, etc.) of the querent needs to be passed on to the astrologer.

All the querent needs to do is to ask a simple question.

Typical horary questions include, for example:

  • Relationship questions:

Will I marry my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Does he/she have an affair?

Should I leave him/her?

  • Vocational questions:

Will I get the job?

Should I open a business?

Will I get promoted?

  • Other questions:

Will I pass the test?

Will I be rich or poor?

Will I buy/sell the house?

…and any other simple but important question one can possibly think of.

A chart is cast by the astrologer at the moment he understands the question. Every horary chart is unique in the way that it contains the answer to the question propounded.

In most cases the answer to the question will be short, typically up to one page maximum.

Here is an example of a horary reading I did recently:

The querent asked the question:

Will (name withheld) and I reconcile?


In this horary chart the Sun is representing you as a person and (name withheld) is represented by Saturn.

The separation of the Sun from Saturn in the recent past is clearly visible in the chart and indicates that your question about reconciliation is valid.

The Moon, representing the emotional part of you, is moving away from Saturn and changing houses from the 4th house, concerned with domestic issues, into the 5th house of pleasure. This may indicate that you are emotionally moving away from (name withheld), or a home situation, connected with the other person.

Venus, representing you, is in mutual reception by Rulership with Saturn, showing that, at least in theory, there has been/could still be a good basis for a relationship between you and (name withheld).

What we would like to see in a relationship horary for successful reconciliation to be possible, is an applying aspect of the Planets representing both parties.

In your case there would have been a weak possibility that in about 4 month’s time an attempted reconciliation could take place. But before this could possibly happen, the chart suggests that you will meet/get together with somebody else.

This new person is symbolised by Mercury in the chart and the encounter will be a very pleasant one. At the moment I don’t have enough background information to say more about that (perhaps you know already who is represented by Mercury).

Final Judgment:

All factors considered the answer to your question has to be negative. The matter propounded will not come to fruition, in other words, it is unlikely that you will reconcile.

Although there would have been a slight chance for reconciliation, which, to my judgment, would have been on shaky ground and would not have lasted for very long anyway, it seems that you will meet somebody else in the not too distant future. This may be part of the reason why you will not reconcile with (name withheld).

There are other horary readings on my web log:

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The Case of the Disappearing Warts

To get more detailed information, interested readers may contact me via the CONTACT PAGE or send an email to Peter@stars-and-stones.co.uk

6 thoughts on “Horary Reading

  1. Hi Peter,

    This is fascinating. If you don’t need to know the natal info from the querent, how do the stars & planets relate? Does it have to do with the time at which the question is asked? I’m just wondering how astrology ties in.

    I have found a similar type of inquiry that has opened up in my work with plant spirits. A particular plant has agreed to reveal to me the hexagrams so that I may receive answers from the IChing. It has been remarkably accurate, although I have not done it for anyone but myself.


    • Dear Chris,

      Once the astrologer has understood the question, he casts the chart at his location. You could say that this is the moment of birth of the question. Then the astrologer looks at the rising sign and other factors to see if the validity of the chart is given. The sign on the first cusp, its lord/lady and the Moon always represent the querent. If he finds that the chart or the question are valid, he can proceed with interpreting the chart.

      I am very interested in your method of divination; perhaps you want to try it out and do a reading for somebody else. I would be interested to hear about your findings.


      • Hi Peter,
        Yes, that would be interesting. I have offered to do this for others, but no takers so far 😉 As I’m not in the divination profession, I’ll just leave it as a mystery until the opportunity presents itself.

        The spirit of the Yarrow plant is the plant spirit that offered this assistance. However, last night while sitting by a consecrated fire, I actually had an entire I-Ching hexagram given to me all at once, and it was a perfect message for me at this moment in time.

        Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it.
        Blessings, Chris

  2. Chris,

    It does not surprise me in the slightest that it is Yarrow, who helps with the IChing hexagrams. Yarrow stalks were traditionally used for divining the hexagrams. It only became fashionable later on to simplify the method by using coins.

    Astrologically speaking, Achillea millefolium is ruled by Mars and Scorpio, indicating the powerful magical potential of this herb.


  3. Peter, do you know about the astrological connections of other plants? The ones I’m most curious about are: white oak (quercus alba), mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) and wild lettuce (lactuca virosa). Oh I could go on and on but I won’t!

    These are some of the plants that I have worked with that have offered unusual and powerful healing medicines.

    • Chris,

      this is according to Nicholas Culpeper’s “Astrological Judgment of Diseases”, 1655:
      Oak Tree: Jupiter

      Artemisia vulgaris: Venus
      (A. abrotanum: Mercury)
      (A. absinthium: Mars)
      (A. campestris: Mercury)
      (A. dracunculus: Mars)
      (A. maritima: Mars)
      (A. pontica: Mars)

      Great Wild Lettuce: Mars

      Hope that helps….


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