Rensberger’s Planetary Aspects – Conjunctions



Saturn conjunct Jupiter:

If Saturn is conjunct Jupiter in a nativity, the person born will own property and [farm]land and the King’s [?ast?] and will be new in those and honourable if there is no aspect to Mars.

Saturn conjunct Mars:

Indicates that the native will be gentle but slow in what he wants to accomplish and it will be hard for him. He will die earlier than his father and mother.

Saturn conjunct Sun:

Means loss of paternal inheritance and destruction of his goods. It will be worse if the birth took place during the night.

Saturn conjunct Venus:

The native will get married to an enchantress and will not have any male heirs. He will be concerned with people of his own standing and will marry a widow or a naughty old crone.

Saturn conjunct Mercury:

Shows that the native will not be able to speak well. He will be a traveller, poor, and not willing to interfere in matters.

Saturn conjunct Moon:

The native will inherit defects and a weak body from his parents. If it is a diurnal birth and there are aspects to the benefics he will be lucky; particularly so if the Moon is waxing.


Jupiter conjunct Mars:

Means that the native will rule. He will be rich and his name will be mentioned in many places. He will be lucky in war.

Jupiter conjunct Sun:

Means the native will be poor in commodities. If the birth takes place in the morning, it means luck and happiness of his father, and joy from his sons.

Jupiter conjunct Venus:

Means that the native will be brought up honourably and tenderly. He will be loved by great masters and nobles, and he will be lucky with them and his wife and children.

Jupiter conjunct Moon:

Indicates increase in rent money and interest; also wealth and luck of the native.


Mars conjunct Sun:

Can often show a quick death of the father, loss of paternal inheritance and interest. Also danger of loss through fire.

Mars conjunct Venus:

Indicates quarrel that ends up in court and damage because of a woman. Also adultery with wicked and terrible [partners]. If the native is female, she will be a wench.

Mars conjunct Mercury:

Makes a liar out of the native, but he will be cunning and eloquent. [He will be] polite and sweet in his manners. He will be a great procurator at court.

Mars conjunct Moon:

Means a humble life and [possibility] of mortal wounds, also a wounded mother. If the conjunction is in an angular house, the native will have disadvantages and will die a nasty death.


Sun conjunct Venus:

Shows a laudable person with a good reputation who loves people.

Sun conjunct Mercury:

Shows a god fearing, understanding and wise person who will be raised and put above others and the masters will do him good.

Sun conjunct Moon:

Particular judgment depends on house placement and boundaries of the conjunction. Generally speaking, it indicates that the native will meet and converse with mighty masters, but he will be short lived.


Venus conjunct Mercury:

Suggests that the native will gravitate towards games and pleasure. He will love ornaments and adornments of the body, singing, and all kinds of cleanliness. He will be a storyteller, but harm and suffering will come to him from women. If they [the planets] are together under the rays, the native will be cut open.

Venus conjunct Moon:

Indicate a pretty body but unsteadiness in marriage. He will love other women and his wife may be an adulteress.


Mercury conjunct Moon:

Shows that the native will be wise and will have a great name, but he will be unsteady in all things.

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